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[This page is accessible at https://insomniacslk.github.io/xorpd-solutions/]

This repository documents my solutions to the riddles proposed by xorpd in their book [xchg rax,rax]. The book contains advanced x86 ASM riddles and it is a fun reading for anyone interested in x86 assembly.

I had a list of solutions on my home page https://insomniac.slackware.it a few years ago, but the content got lost, and various people asked me if I still had them. Unfortunately I don’t, so I decided to solve them again and document them here.

There are other solutions to this book’s riddles, for example Raptor’s xorpd-solutions, which I highly recommend to read. The difference from this repo is that I take an educational approach to help newcomers understand the riddles and hopefully learn something new and fun :)

You can start with the first riddle at 0x00, or see the full list below. I recommend keeping an x86 ASM reference handy, for example https://c9x.me/x86/ . Happy reversing!

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